Vineyard Development

With over 35 years of experience in farming and winemaking, we handle every step of developing your vineyards, from planning and facilitating permits to planting and harvesting. 
We do everything with vineyards; from planning and permits, to irrigation systems, trellis and frost systems. We manage the property from the planting through the harvest. 

Development Services:

Property Evaluation for Vineyard & Winery Development 
Ag Tech Services can provide complete or specific evaluation of your development.
Feasibility Studies and Vineyard Consulting can be provided.

Construction Management for Property Development
Ag Tech Services President, Peter Murphy is a Licensed General Engineering Contractor
(Class A License #526380). This allows ATS to write contracts and manage subcontractors.
ATS can use their own equipment or manage contractors to complete any part of vineyard and winery development 

Erosion Control Plans & Hillside Vineyard Development 
In Napa County, Erosion Control Plans are required on all development with slopes over 5%. ATS has written plans and successfully installed many hillside vineyards. 

Site Preparation & Road Work 
Tree removal
Vineyard terracing 
Debris removal
Soil amendment addition 
Drainage work 
Road installation

Reservoir Construction 
Water rights and engineering services
Reservoir construction
Bentonite pond sealing

Irrigation, Frost System Design & Installation 
Pump stations and pipelines
Drip and sprinkler systems
Fertilizer injection Stations 

Vineyard Installation
Design and installation of vineyard trellis systems
Marking and planting of vines